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Roles Commemorate Three Festival Honoring God

Roles commemorate three Celebrate three festivals each year in my honor. Celebrate the Festival of Thin Bread by eating bread made without yeast, just as I have commanded. Do this at the proper time during  the month of Abib, because it is the month when you left Egypt. And make certain that everyone brings the proper offerings. Celebrate the Harvest Festival each spring when you start harvesting your wheat, and celebrate the Festival of Shelters each autumn when you pick your fruit. Roles commemorate three Your men must come to these three festivals each year to worship me. Exodus 23:14-17 Purpose of Sabbath Every generation of Israelites must respect the Sabbath.

This day will always serve as a reminder, both to me and to the Israelites, that I made the heavens and the earth in six days, then on the seventh day I rested and relaxed. Exodus 31:16-17 Captured city named after conqueror Nobah captured the town of Kenath with its villages and renamed it Nobah. Numbers 32:42 Strange name Joshua made the knives, then circumcised those men and boys at Haaraloth Hill. Joshua 5:3 Commemorative music Because of your wonderful deeds we will sing your praises everywhere on earth.” Sing, people of Zion!Celebrate the greatness of the holy Lord of Israel. God is here to help you. Isaiah 12:5-6

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