Roles In Family Addiction False Sense Of Values In Addiction

Roles In Family Addiction False sense of values (19) Roles in familly addiction give a false sene of hope and values.They promise freedom to everyone. But they are merely slaves of filthy living, because people are slaves of whatever controls them. 10 You leaders of Israel should be watchdogs,protecting my people. But you can’t see a thing,and you never warn them.Dozing and day dreaming are all you ever do.

11 You stupid leaders are a pack of hungry and greedy dogs that never get enough.You are shepherds who mistreat your own sheep for selfish gain.

12 You say to each other,“Let’s drink till we’re drunk! Tomorrow we’ll do it again. We’ll really enjoy ourselves.” Roles in family Addiction False Sense Of Values Causing Another To Stumble

20 Don’t let your appetite destroy what God has done. All foods are fit to eat, but it is wrong to cause problems for others by what you eat.

21 It is best not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything else that causes problems for other followers of the Lord.

22 What you believe about these things should be kept between you and God. You are fortunate, if your actions don’t make you have doubts. 23 But if you do have doubts about what you eat, you are going against your beliefs. And you know that is wrong, because anything you do against your beliefs is sin Roles in family Addiction False Sense Of Values Sobriety In Worship 8 The Lord said to Aaron:

9 When you or your sons enter the sacred tent, you must never drink beer or wine. If you do, you will die right there! This law will never change.

10 You must learn the difference between what is holy and what isn’t holy and between the clean and the unclean Roles In family Addiction False Sense Of Values False Courage It isn’t smart to get drunk! Drinking makes a fool of you and leads to fights.

family Roles In Addiction False Sense Of Values Wine,Overeating,Laziness

20 Don’t be a heavy drinker or stuff yourself with food.

21 It will make you feel drowsy,and you will end up poor with only rags to wear. Lingering Over Wine 30 Everyone who stays up late,having just one more drink.

31 Don’t even look at that colorful stuff bubbling up in the glass!It goes down so easily,32 but later it bites like a poisonous snake.

33 You will see weird things,and your mind will play tricks on you.

Alcoholism, immorality

18 You get drunk, then sleep with prostitutes;you would rather be vulgar than lead a decent life.

Wine And Beer

4 Kings and leaders should not get drunk or even want to drink.

5 Drinking makes you forget your responsibilities, and you mistreat the poor. 6 Beer and wine are only for the dying or for those who have lost all hope.

All-Day Drunk

11 You are in for trouble! You get up early to start drinking, and you keep it up late into the night.

12 At your drinking parties you have the music of stringed instruments, tambourines, and flutes. But you never even think about all the Lord has done. Roles In Family Addiction False Sense Of Values

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