Health Roles Disease

Health Roles Disease Sin God made this promise If you disobey me and my laws, and if you break our agreement, 16 I will punish you terribly, and you will be ruined.

You will be struck with incurable diseases and with fever that leads to blindness and depression. Your enemies will eat the crops you plant.

Lifelong virility7Moses was a hundred twenty years old when he died, yet his eyesight was still good, and his body was strong.

Evil spirits poor health16“Your Majesty, let us go and look for someone who is good at playing the harp. He can play for you whenever the evil spirit from God bothers you, and you’ll feel better. ”6 So he sent ten men to Carmel with this message for Nabal: Hearty healthful greetingI hope that you and your family are healthy and that all is going well for you.

Satan challenged God for Job’s health 3 Then the Lord asked, “What do you think of my servant Job? No one on earth is like him—he is a truly good person, who respects me and refuses to do evil. And he hasn’t changed, even though you persuaded me to destroy him for no reason.”

4 Satan answered, “There’s no pain like your own. People will do anything to stay alive. 5 Try striking Job’s own body with pain, and he will curse you to your face.” 6 “All right!” the Lord replied. “Make Job suffer as much as you want, but just don’t kill him.

Death of healthy person26 You will live a long life,and your body will be strong until the day you die.

Worthless physicians 4you are merely useless doctors,who treat me with lies.

Wicked live to old age 7Why do evil people live so long and gain such power?

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