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 Leadership Roles Of Joseph
Fairness To
The Egyptians, The

 Leadership roles of Joseph, The famine was bad everywhere in Egypt and Canaan, and the people were suffering terribly. 

So Joseph sold them the grain that had been stored up, and he put the money in the king’s treasury. 

  But when everyone had run out of money, the Egyptians came to Joseph and demanded, "Give us more grain! If you don’t, we’ll soon be dead, because our money’s all gone."  Leadership roles of Joseph proved worthy

"If you don’t have any money," Joseph answered, "give me your animals, and I’ll let you have some grain."  From then on, they brought him their horses and donkeys and their sheep and goats in exchange for grain.

Within a year Joseph had collected every animal in Egypt.  Then the people came to him and said: Sir, there’s no way we can hide the truth from you. We are broke, and we don’t have any more animals.

We have nothing left except ourselves and our land.  Don’t let us starve and our land be ruined. If you’ll give us grain to eat and seed to plant, we’ll sell ourselves and our land to the king. We’ll become his slaves. Role of Good leadership

  The famine became so severe that Joseph finally bought every piece of land in Egypt for the king and made everyone the king’s slaves,  except the priests. The king gave the priests a regular food allowance, so they did not have to sell their land.

Then Joseph said to the people, "You and your land now belong to the king. I’m giving you seed to plant,  but one-fifth of your crops must go to the king. You can keep the rest as seed or as food for your families."

  "Sir, you have saved our lives!" they answered. "We are glad to be slaves of the king."  Then Joseph made a law that one-fifth of the harvest would always belong to the king. Only the priests did not lose their land. Genesis 47:13-26

Example for leadership success 

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