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Vindication Roles By Earthquake Let It Be A Lesson In A

Vindication roles  Moses said to the crowd, "The Lord has chosen me and told me to do these things—it wasn’t my idea. 

And here’s how you will know:  If these men die a natural death, it means the Lord hasn’t chosen me. But suppose the Lord does something that has never been done before. Vindication roles

For example, what if a huge crack appears in the ground, and these men and their families fall into it and are buried alive, together with everything they own? Then you will know they have turned their backs on the Lord!"

  As soon as Moses said this, the ground under the men opened up  and swallowed them alive, together with their families and everything they owned. Then the ground closed back up, and they were gone.

 The rest of the Israelites heard their screams, so they ran off, shouting, "We don’t want that to happen to us!" Numbers 16:28-34

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