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Future Roles Accomplishment Assured, The

  Future roles for the Israelites sent this message to King Sihon of the Amorites: Please let us pass through your territory. We promise to stay away from your fields and vineyards, and we won’t drink any water from your wells. As long as we’re in your land, we won’t get off the main road. 

Future roles.But Sihon refused to let Israel travel through his land. Instead, he called together his entire army and marched into the desert to attack Israel near the town of Jahaz. 

  Israel defeated them and took over the Amorite territory from the Arnon River gorge in the south to the Jabbok River gorge in the north. Beyond the Jabbok was the territory of the Ammonites, who were much stronger than Israel.

The Israelites settled in the Amorite towns , including the capital city of Heshbon with its surrounding villages. Future roles.

King Sihon had ruled from Heshbon, after defeating the Moabites and taking over their land north of the Arnon River gorge. That’s why the Amorites had written this poem about Heshbon: Come and rebuild Heshbon, King Sihon’s capital city!

His armies marched out like fiery flames, burning down the town of Ar and destroying the hills along the Arnon River. You Moabites are done for!Your god Chemoshdeserted your people they were captured, taken away by King Sihon the Amorite.

We completely defeated Moab.The towns of Heshbon and Dibon,of Nophah and Medebaare ruined and gone. After the Israelites had settled in the Amorite territory,  Moses sent some men to explore the town of Jazer. 

Later, the Israelites captured the villages surrounding it and forced out the Amorites who lived there.The Israelites headed toward the region of Bashan, where King Og ruled, and he led his entire army to Edrei to meet Israel in battle.

  The Lord said to Moses, "Don’t be afraid of Og. I will help you defeat him and his army, just as you did King Sihon who ruled in Heshbon. Og’s territory will be yours." So the Israelites wiped out Og, his family, and his entire army—there were no survivors. Then Israel took over the land of Bashan Numbers 21:21-35.

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