Fear Roles Life

Fear Roles Life 5 While Jacob and his family were traveling through Canaan, God terrified the people in the towns so much that no one dared bother them Terror of God fear.

36-37 In the land of your enemies, you will tremble at the rustle of a leaf, as though it were a sword. And you will become so weak that you will stumble and fall over each other, even when no one is chasing you. Frightened by falling leaf.

2 The Israelites cried out to Moses, “We’re done for 13 and doomed if we even get near the sacred tent! Guilt-motivated fear of worship.

17 And it doesn’t matter if one is helpless and the other is powerful. Don’t be afraid of anyone! No matter who shows up in your court, God will help you make a fair decision. If any case is too hard for you, bring the people to me, and I will make the decision. No fear of man. Go back to home page Fear Roles Life

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