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Cain Murders Abel The First Murder

Roles Conflicting Family Lines After The Fall, How The

Roles conflicting Adam and Eve had a son. Then Eve said, “I’ll name him Cain because I got him with the help of the Lord.” Later she had another son and named him Abel. Abel became a sheep farmer, but Cain farmed the land. One day, Cain gave part of his harvest to the Lord, and Abel also gave an offering to the Lord. 

He killed the first-born lamb from one of his sheep and gave the Lord the best parts of it. The Lord was pleased with Abel and his offering, but not with Cain and his offering. This made Cain so angry that he could not hide his feelings. The Lord said to Cain: What’s wrong with you? Why do you have such an angry look on your face? If you had done the right thing, you would be smiling. Roles Conflicting.

But you did the wrong thing, and now sin is waiting to attack you like a lion. Sin wants to destroy you, but don’t let it! Cain said to his brother Abel, “Let’s go for a walk.” And when they were out in a field, Cain killed him.9 Afterwards the Lord asked Cain, “Where is Abel?” “How should I know?” he answered. “Am I supposed to look after my brother? ”Then the Lord said: Why have you done this terrible thing? You killed your own brother, and his blood flowed onto the ground. 

Now his blood is calling out for me to punish you. And so, I’ll put you under a curse. Because you killed Abel and made his blood run out on the ground, you will never be able to farm the land again. If you try to farm the land, it won’t produce anything for you. From now on, you’ll be without a home, and you’ll spend the rest of your life wandering from place to place. Roles Conflicting.

“This punishment is too hard!” Cain said. “You’re making me leave my home and live far from you. I will have to wander about without a home, and just anyone could kill me.” “No!” the Lord answered. “Anyone who kills you will be punished seven times worse than I am punishing you.” So the Lord put a mark on Cain to warn everyone not to kill him. 

But Cain had to go far from the Lord and live in the Land of Wandering, which is east of Eden. More and More People Later, Cain and his wife had a son named Enoch. At the time Cain was building a town, and so he named it Enoch after his son. Then Enoch had a son named Irad, who had a son named Mehujael, who had a son named Methushael, who had a son named Lamech. 

Lamech married Adah, then Zillah. Lamech and Adah had two sons, Jabal and Jubal. Their son Jabal was the first to live in tents and raise sheep and goats. Jubal was the first to play harps and flutes Lamech and Zillah had a son named Tubal Cain who made tools out of bronze and iron. They also had a daughter, whose name was Naamah. One day, Lamech said to his two wives, “A young man wounded me, and I killed him. Roles Conflicting.

Anyone who tries to get even with me will be punished ten times more than anyone who tries to get even with Cain. ”Adam and his wife had another son. They named him Seth, because they said, “God has given us a son to take the place of Abel, who was killed by his brother Cain. ”Later, Seth had a son and named him Enosh. About this time people started worshiping the Lord. Genesis 4:1-26

Descendants of Adam God created men and women to be like himself. He gave them his blessing and called them human beings. This is a list of the descendants of Adam, the first man: When Adam was one hundred thirty, he had a son who was just like him, and he named him Seth. Roles Conflicting.

Adam had more children and died at the age of nine hundred thirty. When Seth was one hundred five, he had a son named Enosh. Seth had more children and died at the age of nine hundred twelve. When Enosh was ninety, he had a son named Kenan. Enosh had more children and died at the age of nine hundred five. When Kenan was seventy, he had a son named Mahalalel. Kenan had more children and died at the age of nine hundred ten.

When Mahalalel was sixty-five, he had a son named Jared. Mahalalel had more children and died at the age of eight hundred ninety-five. When Jared was one hundred sixty-two , he had a son named Enoch.  Jared had more children and died at the age of nine hundred sixty-two. Roles Conflicting.

When Enoch was sixty-five, he had a son named Methuselah, and during the next three hundred years he had more children. Enoch truly loved God, and God took him away at the age of three hundred sixty-five. When Methuselah was one hundred eighty-seven, he had a son named Lamech. Methuselah had more children and died at the age of nine hundred sixty-nine. Roles Conflicting.

When Lamech was one hundred eighty-two, he had a son. Lamech said, “I’ll name him Noah because he will give us comfort, as we struggle hard to make a living on this land that the Lord has put under a curse.” Lamech had more children and died at the age of seven hundred seventy-seven. After Noah was five hundred years old, he had three sons and named them Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Genesis 5:1-32 

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