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Roles second coming This is a message about Dumah: From the country of Seir, someone shouts to me, “Guard, how much longer before daylight?” From my guard post, I answered, “Morning will soon be here, but night will return. If you want to know more, come back later.” Isaiah 21:11-12 Time of judgment The Lord will come out to punish everyone on earth for their sins. And when he does, those who did violent crimes will be known and punished. Isaiah 26:21 The Lord will come down like a whirlwind with his flaming chariots. Roles second coming He will be terribly furious and punish his enemies with fire.

The Lord’s fiery sword will bring justice everywhere on this earth and execute many people. Isaiah 66:15-16 Yearning for Messiah Rip the heavens apart! Come down, Lord; make the mountains tremble. Isaiah 64:1 Vision of Christ’s coming Thrones were set up while I was watching, and the Eternal God took his place. His clothing and his hair were white as snow. His throne was a blazing fire with fiery wheels, and flames were dashing out from all around him. Countless thousands were standing there to serve him. Roles second coming The time of judgment began, and the books were opened. 

I watched closely to see what would happen to this smaller horn because of the arrogant things it was saying. Then before my very eyes, the fourth beast was killed and its body destroyed by fire. The other three beasts had their authority taken from them, but they were allowed to live a while longer. Roles second coming As I continued to watch the vision that night, I saw what looked like a son of man coming with the clouds of heaven, and he was presented to the Eternal God. He was crowned king and given power and glory, so that all people of every nation and race would serve him. He will rule forever, and his kingdom is eternal, never to be destroyed. Daniel 7:9-14

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