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Royal Hospitality Roles, The

Royal hospitality roles The Queen of Sheba gave Solomon almost five tons of gold, many jewels, and more spices than anyone had ever brought into Israel. 

In return, Solomon gave her the gifts he would have given any other ruler, but he also gave her everything else she wanted. Then she and her officials went back to their own country. 

King Hiram’s ships brought gold, juniper wood, and jewels from the country of Ophir. Solomon used the wood to make steps for the temple and palace, and harps and other stringed instruments for the musicians. It was the best juniper wood anyone in Israel had ever seen.1 Kings 10:10-13 Royal hospitality roles.

Food, gift “Come home with me and eat something,” Jeroboam said. “I want to give you a gift for what you have done.” 1 Kings 13:7 Come home with me “Come home with me,” the old prophet said, “and have something to eat.” 1 Kings 13:15

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