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Homeless Roles
Wanderer, In A 

Homeless  roles restless “You’re making me leave my home and live far from you. I will have to wander about without a home, and just anyone could kill me.” Genesis 4:14

Woman in desert Early the next morning Abraham gave Hagar an animal skin full of water and some bread. Then he put the boy on her shoulder and sent them away. They wandered around in the desert near Beersheba, and after they had run out of water, Hagar put her son under a bush. Genesis 21:14-15 

Israelites homeless forty years The Lord became very angry. And he said that no one who was twenty years or older when they left Egypt would enter the land he had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Not one of those people believed in the Lord’s power,  except Caleb and Joshua. 

They remained faithful to the Lord,  but he was so angry with the others that he forced them to wander around in the desert forty years. By that time everyone who had sinned against him had died. Numbers 32:10-13 Homeless roles restless.

Street people All who ate expensive foods lie starving in the streets; those who grew up in luxury now sit on trash heaps. Lamentations 4:5 Homeless Savior Jesus said, “Foxes have dens, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man doesn’t have a place to call his own.” Luke 9:58

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