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Homecoming Jewish 
Return To Palestine 

Homecoming Jewish roles Open your eyes! Look around! Crowds are coming. Your sons are on their way from distant lands; your daughters are being carried like little children. Isaiah 60:4 Jesus’ Nazareth return Jesus went back to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, and as usual he went to the meeting place on the Sabbath. 

When he stood up to read from the Scriptures,  he was given the book of Isaiah the prophet. He opened it and read “The Lord’s Spirit has come to me, because he has chosen me to tell the good news to the poor. 

The Lord has sent me to announce freedom for prisoners, to give sight to the blind, to free everyone who suffers, and to say, ‘This is the year the Lord has chosen.’ ”Jesus closed the book, then handed it back to the man in charge and sat down. Everyone in the meeting place looked straight at Jesus.

Then Jesus said to them, “What you have just heard me read has come true today. ”All the people started talking about Jesus and were amazed at the wonderful things he said. They kept on asking, “Isn’t he Joseph’s son?” Jesus answered: Homecoming Jewish roles.

You will certainly want to tell me this saying, “Doctor, first make yourself well.” You will tell me to do the same things here in my own hometown that you heard I did in Capernaum. But you can be sure that no prophets are liked by the people of their own hometown. Luke 4:16-24

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