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Layman Roles Posing As Prophet 

Layman roles posing Still others went to Gad and Gilead on the other side of the Jordan River. Saul stayed at Gilgal. His soldiers were shaking with fear, 8 and they were starting to run off and leave him.

Saul waited there seven days, just as Samuel had ordered him to do, but Samuel did not come. 9 Finally, Saul commanded, “Bring me some animals, so we can offer sacrifices to please the Lord and ask for his help.” Saul killed one of the animals, and just as he was placing it on the altar, Samuel arrived. Saul went out to welcome him. 

“What have you done?” Samuel asked. Saul answered, “My soldiers were leaving in all directions, and you didn’t come when you were supposed to. The Philistines were gathering at Michmash, and I was worried that they would attack me here at Gilgal. 

I hadn’t offered a sacrifice to ask for the Lord’s help, so I forced myself to offer a sacrifice on the altar fire.” “That was stupid!” Samuel said. Layman roles posing.

“You didn’t obey the Lord your God. If you had obeyed him, someone from your family would always have been king of Israel. But no, you disobeyed, and so the Lord won’t choose anyone else from your family to be king. In fact, he has already chosen the one he wants to be the next leader of his people.” 1 Samuel 13:7-14

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