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Roles Torture Cutting 
off thumbs
 big toes, On The

Roles torture cutting Bezek tried to escape, but soldiers from Judah caught him. They cut off his thumbs and big toes, and he said, I’ve cut off the thumbs and big toes of seventy kings and made those kings crawl around under my table for scraps of food. Now God is paying me back. 

The army of Judah took the king of Bezek along with them to Jerusalem, where he died. They attacked Jerusalem, captured it, killed everyone who lived there, and then burned it to the ground. Judges 1:6-8

Tortured with thorns, briars Gideon made a whip from thorn plants and used it to beat the town officials. Judges 8:16  Roles Torture Cutting.

Fear of torture Saul told the soldier who carried his weapons, Kill me with your sword! I don’t want those worthless Philistines to torture me and make fun.But the soldier was afraid to kill him. Saul then took out his own sword; he stuck the blade into his stomach, and fell on it.1 Samuel 31:4

Sadistic killing of children May the Lord bless everyone who beats your children against the rocks! Psalm 137:9

Intoxicated by torture You are in trouble and drunk, but not from wine. So pay close attention to the Lord your God, who defends you and says, I have taken from your hands the cup filled with my anger that made you drunk. You will never be forced to drink it again. Instead I will give it to your brutal Wicked find no rest enemies, who treated you like dirt and walked all over you. Isaiah 51:21-23 

The wicked are a restless sea tossing up mud. But I, the Lord, have promised that none who are evil will live in peace. Isaiah 57:20-21 Roles Torture Cutting.

Facing grim destiny And when they ask where they are going, tell them that I, the Lord, have said: Some of you are going to die of horrible diseases. Others are going to die in war or from starvation. 

The rest will be led away to a foreign country. I will punish you in four different ways: You will be killed in war and your bodies dragged off by dogs, your flesh will be eaten by birds, and your bones will be chewed on by wild animals. Jeremiah 15:2-3

No chance for escape If you are terrified and run, you will fall into a pit; and if you crawl out of the pit, you’ll get caught in a trap. The time has come for you to be punished. Jeremiah 48:44 Roles Torture Cutting.

Leaders, common people tortured On Zion and everywhere in Judah our wives and daughters are being raped Our rulers are strung up by their arms, and our nation’s advisors are treated shamefully Young men are forced to do the work of slaves; boys must carry heavy loads of wood.. Lamentations 5:11-12

Fear of sword and I’ll send armies to attack you, just as you fear. Ezekiel 11:8

The Lord said: I will punish Syria for countless crimes, and I won’t change my mind. They dragged logs with spikes over the people of Gilead. Amos 1:3 

The king was so angry that he ordered the official to be tortured until he could pay back everything he owed. Matthew 18:34 Roles Torture Cutting.

Merciless locusts Another angel, who had a gold container for incense, came and stood at the altar. This one was given a lot of incense to offer with the prayers of God’s people on the gold altar in front of the throne. 

Then the smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of God’s people, went up to God from the hand of the angel. After this, the angel filled the incense container with fire from the altar and threw it on the earth. Thunder roared, lightning flashed, and the earth shook. Revelation 9:3-5

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