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Roles nature When God spoke to you from the fire, he was invisible. So be careful not to commit the sin of worshiping idols. Don’t make idols to be worshiped, whether they are shaped like men, women, 17 animals, birds, 18 reptiles, or fish. 19 And when you see the sun or moon or stars, don’t be tempted to bow down and worship them. The Lord put them there for all the other nations to worship. But you are the Lord’s people, because he led you through fiery trials and rescued you from Egypt. Deuteronomy 4:15-20 The Lord your God is giving you towns to live in. But later, a man or a woman in your town may start worshiping other gods, or even the sun, moon, or stars. Roles nature I have warned you not to worship other gods, because whoever worships them is disobeying the Lord and breaking the agreement he made with you.

So when you hear that someone in your town is committing this disgusting sin, you must carefully find out if that person really is guilty. But you will need two or three witnesses— one witness isn’t enough to prove a person guilty. Get rid of those who are guilty of such evil. Roles nature Take them outside your town gates and have everyone stone them to death. But the witnesses must be the first to throw stones. Deuteronomy 17:2-7 Golden rats, “What should we send?” the Philistines asked. The priests and fortunetellers answered: There are five Philistine rulers, and they all have the same disease that you have.

So make five gold models of the sores and five gold models of the rats that are wiping out your crops. Roles nature If you honor the God of Israel with this gift, maybe he will stop causing trouble for you and your gods and your crops. 1 Samuel 6:4-5 Then they put the chest on the cart, along with the bag that had the gold rats and sores in it. 1 Samuel 6:11 Learning from nature, If you want to learn, then go and ask the wild animals and the birds, the flowers and the fish. Job 12:7-8 Homage to sun, moon, I have never openly or secretly worshiped the sun or moon. Such horrible sins would have deserved punishment from God. Job 31:26-28

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