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Roles Justice Mood Of Old Testament Justice

Roles justice Saul was dead. Meanwhile, David had defeated the Amalekites and returned to Ziklag. Three days later, a soldier came from Saul’s army. His clothes were torn, and dirt was on his head. Roles justice He went to David and knelt down in front of him. David asked, “Where did you come from? ”The man answered, “From Israel’s army. I barely escaped with my life.” “Who won the battle?” David asked. The man said, “Our army turned and ran, but many were wounded and died. Even King Saul and his son Jonathan are dead. ”David asked, “How do you know Saul and Jonathan are dead?” The young man replied: I was on Mount Gilboa and saw King Saul leaning on his spear. 

The enemy’s war chariots and cavalry were closing in on him. When he turned around and saw me, he called me over. I went and asked what he wanted. Saul asked me, “Who are you?” “An Amalekite,” I answered. Then he said, “Kill me! I’m dying, and I’m in terrible pain.” So I killed him. Roles justice I knew he was too badly wounded to live much longer. Then I took his crown and his arm-band, and I brought them to you, Your Majesty. Here they are. Right away, David and his soldiers tore their clothes in sorrow. They cried all day long and would not eat anything. Everyone was sad because Saul, his son Jonathan, and many of the Lord’s people had been killed in the battle.

David asked the young man, “Where is your home?” The man replied, “My father isan Amalekite, but we live in Israel.” David said to him, “Why weren’t you afraid to kill the Lord’s chosen king? And you even told what you did. Roles justice It’s your own fault that you’re going to die!” Then David told one of his soldiers, “Come here and kill this man!” 2 Samuel 1:1-16

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