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Roles Gloom Birthday Gloom 

Roles Gloom Forget about that day, cover it with darkness, and send thick, gloomy shadows to fill it with dread. Erase that night from the calendar and conceal it with darkness. Don’t let children be created or joyful shouts be heard ever again in that night. Let those with magic powers place a curse on that day.

Darken its morning stars and remove all hope of light, because it let me be born into a world of trouble. Job 3:4-10 Joy and gladness gone, People of Sibmah, you were like a vineyard heavy with grapes, and with branches reaching north to the town of Jazer and west to the Dead Sea.

  Roles gloom But you have been destroyed, and so I will weep for you, as the people of Jazer weep for the vineyards. Harvest celebrations are gone from the orchards and farms of Moab. There are no happy shouts from people making wine. Jeremiah 48:32-33

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