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Roles Gift Betrothal Gifts 

Roles gift Then he gave clothing, as well as silver and gold jewelry, to Rebekah. He also gave expensive gifts to her brother and her mother. Genesis 24:53 Gifts for Joseph in Egypt, Their father said: If Benjamin must go with you, take the governor a gift of some of the best things from our own country, such as perfume, honey, spices, pistachio nuts, and almonds. Also take along twice the amount of money for the grain, because there must have been some mistake when the money was put back in your sacks. Roles gift Take Benjamin with you and leave right away. When you go in to see the governor, I pray that God All-Powerful will be good to you and that the governor will let your other brother and Benjamin come back home with you. If I must lose my children, I suppose I must. The brothers took the gifts, twice the amount of money, and Benjamin. 

Then they hurried off to Egypt. When they stood in front of Joseph, he saw Benjamin and told the servant in charge of his house, “Take these men to my house. Roles gift Slaughter an animal and cook it, so they can eat with me at noon.” Genesis 43:11-16 Gifts for estranged brothers, Jacob’s sons agreed to do what the king had said. And Joseph gave them wagons and food for their trip home, just as the king had ordered. Joseph gave some new clothes to each of his brothers, but to Benjamin he gave five new outfits and three hundred pieces of silver. Roles gift To his father he sent ten donkeys loaded with the best things in Egypt, and ten other donkeys loaded with grain and bread and other food for the return trip. Genesis 45:21-23 Gift of spring water, Caleb’s nephew Othniel captured Kiriath-Sepher, so Caleb let him marry Achsah. Othniel was the son of Caleb’s younger brother Kenaz. Right after the wedding, Achsah started telling Othniel that he ought to ask her father for a field. 

She went to see her father, and while she was getting down from her donkey, Caleb asked, “What’s bothering you?” She answered, “I need your help. The land you gave me is in the Southern Desert, so please give me some spring-fed ponds for a water supply.”Caleb gave her a couple of small ponds named Higher Pond and Lower Pond. Judges 1:13-15 Town given as gift, One day, David was talking with Achish and said, “If you are happy with me, then let me live in one of the towns in the countryside. Roles gift I’m not important enough to live here with you in the royal city.”Achish gave David the town of Ziklag that same day, and Ziklag has belonged to the kings of Judah ever since. 1 Samuel 27:5-6 Gift from plunder, David went back to Ziklag with everything they had taken from the Amalekites. Roles gift He sent some of these things as gifts to his friends who were leaders of Judah, and he told them, “We took these things from the Lord’s enemies.Please accept them as a gift.” 1 Samuel 30:26

Royal gift, The Queen of Sheba gave Solomon almost five tons of gold, many jewels, and more spices than anyone had ever brought into Israel.1 Kings 10:10 The Queen of Sheba gave Solomon almost five tons of gold, a large amount of jewels, and the best spices anyone had ever seen. Roles gift In return, Solomon gave her everything she wanted—even more than she had given him. Then she and her officials went back to their own country. Hiram’s and Solomon’s sailors brought gold, juniper wood, and jewels from the country of Ophir. Solomon used the wood to make steps for the temple and palace, and harps and other stringed instruments for the musicians. Roles giftNothing like these had ever been made in Judah2 Chronicles 9:9-12 Gifts celebrate prosperity, After Job had prayed for his three friends, the Lord made Job twice as rich as he had been before. Then Job gave a feast for his brothers and sisters and for his old friends. They expressed their sorrow for the suffering the Lord had brought on him, and they each gave Job some silver and a gold ring. Job 42:10-11

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