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Roles building church Jehoiada found a wooden box; he cut a hole in the top of it and set it on the right side of the altar where people went into the temple. Whenever someone gave money to the temple, the priests guarding the entrance would put it into this box.

When the box was full of money, the king¬ís secretary and the chief priest would count the money and put it in bags.  Then they would give it to the men supervising the repairs to the temple. 

Some of the money was used to pay the builders, the woodworkers,  the stonecutters, and the men who built the walls. And some was used to buy wood and stone and to pay any other costs for repairing the temple. Roles building church.

While the repairs were being made, the money that was given to the temple was not used to make silver bowls, lamp snuffers, small sprinkling bowls, trumpets, or anything gold or silver for the temple. 14 It went only to pay for repairs. 2 Kings 12:9-14

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