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Big Large Roles 
Of Locusts, The 

Big Large roles Sound the trumpet on Zion, the Lord’s sacred hill. Warn everyone to tremble! The judgment day of the Lord is coming soon. It will be dark and gloomy with storm clouds overhead. Troops will cover the mountains like thunderclouds.

No army this powerful has ever been gathered before or will ever be again. Fiery flames surround them; no one escapes. Before they invaded, the land was like Eden; now only a desert remains. 

They look like horses and charge like cavalry. They roar over mountains like noisy chariots, or a mighty army ready for battle. They are a forest fire that feasts on straw. The very sight of them is frightening. They climb over walls like warriors; they march in columns and never turn aside. Big large roles.

They charge straight ahead, without pushing each other; even arrows and spears cannot make them retreat. They swarm over city walls and enter our homes; they crawl in through windows, just like thieves. Joel 2:1-9

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