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Politics Roles Building First City, The

Politics roles building Later, Cain and his wife had a son named Enoch. At the time Cain was building a town, and so he named it Enoch after his son. Genesis 4:17 Prenatal struggle Before Rebekah gave birth, she knew she was going to have twins, because she could feel them inside her, fighting each other. She thought, “Why is this happening to me?” Finally, she asked the Lord why her twins were fighting, and he told her:“Your two sons will become two separate nations. 

The younger of the two will be stronger, and the older son will be his servant.” Genesis 25:22-23 Marriage to please father Esau found out that his father Isaac had blessed Jacob and had warned him not to marry any of the Canaanite women. Politics roles building He also learned that Jacob had been sent to find a wife in northern Syria and that he had obeyed his father and mother. Esau already had several wives, but he realized at last how much his father hated the Canaanite women. Genesis 28:6-8 Drastic change in government Many years later a new king came to power. He did not know what Joseph had done for Egypt, and he told the Egyptians: There are too many of those Israelites in our country, and they are becoming more powerful than we are.

If we don’t outsmart them, their families will keep growing larger. And if our country goes to war, they could easily fight on the side of our enemies and escape from Egypt. The Egyptians put slave bosses in charge of the people of Israel and tried to wear them down with hard work. Politics roles building Those bosses forced them to build the cities of Pithom and Rameses, where the king could store his supplies. But even though the Israelites were mistreated, their families grew larger, and they took over more land.

Because of this, the Egyptians hated them worse than before and made them work so hard that their lives were miserable. Politics roles building The Egyptians were cruel to the people of Israel and forced them to make bricks and to mix mortar and to work in the fields. Exodus 1:8-14 Choosing right leader People of Israel, after you capture the land the Lord your God is giving you, and after you settle on it, you will say, “We want a king, just like the nations around us.” Go ahead and appoint a king, but make sure that he is an Israelite and that he is the one the Lord has chosen. Deuteronomy 17:14-15

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