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Nonviolence Roles
God for deliverance, In A 

Nonviolence roles After King Hezekiah had faithfully obeyed the Lord’s instructions by doing these things, King Sennacherib of Assyria invaded Judah. He attacked the fortified cities and thought he would capture every one of them. 

As soon as Hezekiah learned that Sennacherib was planning to attack Jerusalem, he and his officials worked out a plan to cut off the supply of water outside the city, so that the Assyrians would have no water when they came to attack. Nonviolence roles.

The officials got together a large work force that stopped up the springs and streams near Jerusalem. Hezekiah also had workers repair the broken sections of the city wall. Then they built defense towers and an outer wall to help protect the one already there. The landfill on the east side of David’s City was also strengthened. He gave orders to make a large supply of weapons and shields, and he appointed army commanders over the troops. Nonviolence roles

Then he gathered the troops together in the open area in front of the city gate and said to them: Be brave and confident! There’s no reason to be afraid of King Sennacherib and his powerful army. We are much more powerful, 8 because the Lord our God fights on our side. The Assyrians must rely on human power alone. 

These words encouraged the army of Judah. When Sennacherib and his troops were camped at the town of Lachish, he sent a message to Hezekiah and the people in Jerusalem. It said: I am King Sennacherib of Assyria, and I have Jerusalem surrounded. Do you think you can survive my attack? Hezekiah your king is telling you that the Lord your God will save you from me. Nonviolence Roles.

But he is lying, and you’ll die of hunger and thirst. Didn’t Hezekiah tear down all except one of the Lord’s altars and places of worship? And didn’t he tell you people of Jerusalem and Judah to worship at that one place? You’ve heard what my ancestors and I have done to other nations.

Were the gods of those nations able to defend their land against us? None of those gods kept their people safe from the kings of Assyria. Do you really think your God can do any better? Don’t be fooled by Hezekiah! No god of any nation has ever been able to stand up to Assyria. Nonviolence roles.

Believe me, your God cannot keep you safe! The Assyrian officials said terrible things about the Lord God and his servant Hezekiah. Sennacherib’s letter even made fun of the Lord. It said, The gods of other nations could not save their people from Assyria’s army, and neither will the God that Hezekiah worships. 

The officials said all these things in Hebrew , so that everyone listening from the city wall would understand and be terrified and surrender. The officials talked about the Lord God as if he were nothing but an ordinary god or an idol that someone had made. Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz asked the Lord for help, and he sent an angel that killed every soldier and commander in the Assyrian camp. 2 Chronicles 32:1-21

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