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Cave Home Roles

Cave home roles  Lot was afraid to stay on in Zoar. So he took his two daughters and moved to a cave in the hill country Genesis 19:30 Love for childhood home I can understand why you were eager to return to your father, but why did you have to steal my idols? Genesis 31:30 Beside the rivers of Babylon we thought about Jerusalem, and we sat down and cried. We hung our small harps on the willow trees. Cave home roles Our enemies had brought us here as their prisoners, and now they wanted us to sing and entertain them. 

They insulted us and shouted, “Sing about Zion!” Here in a foreign land, how can we sing about the Lord? Jerusalem, if I forget you, let my right hand go limp. Let my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth, if I don’t think about you above all else. Psalm 137:1-6 Dedicating home to the Lord If you promise a house to me, a priest will set the price, whatever the condition of the house Leviticus 27:14

 Newlywed’s army status If a man and a woman have been married less than one year, he must not be sent off to war or sent away to do forced labor. He must be allowed to stay home for a year and be happy with his wife. Deuteronomy 24:5 Best drinking water and he was very thirsty. Cave home roles He said, “I wish I had a drink from the well by the gate at Bethlehem.”2 Samuel 23:15 

Hospitality for prophet Once, while Elisha was in the town of Shunem, he met a rich woman who invited him to her home for dinner. After that, whenever he was in Shunem, he would have a meal there with her and her husband. Some time later the woman said to her husband, “I’m sure the man who comes here so often is a prophet of God. Why don’t we build him a small room on the flat roof of our house? We can put a bed, a table and chair, and an oil lamp in it. Then whenever he comes, he can stay with us.” 2 Kings 4:8-10 

Cave home roles Dark household leaving their tents dark. Job 18:6 God blessed our home I was in the prime of life, God All-Powerful was my closest friend, Job 29:4 Desiring death at home I felt certain that I would live a long and happy life, then die in my own bed. Job 29:18 Jerusalem stones, dust We, your servants, love each stone in the city, and we are sad to see them lying in the dirt. Psalm 102:14 Building in vain Without the help of the Lord it is useless to build a home or to guard a city. Psalm 127:1 Women as home builders A woman’s family is held together by her wisdom, but it can be destroyed by her foolishness. 

Proverbs 14:1 Establishing good home Use wisdom and understanding to establish your home; let good sense fill the rooms with priceless treasures. Proverbs 24:3-4 Seaside home He is visiting with Simon the leather maker, who lives in a house near the sea. Acts 10:6 Family leadership Honor Christ and put others first. Cave home roles A wife should put her husband first, as she does the Lord. A husband is the head of his wife, as Christ is the head and the Savior of the church, which is his own body. Ephesians 5:21-23 Guest room Please get a room ready for me. I hope your prayers will be answered, and I can

visit you. Philemon 22 Tent or cottage My life was taken from me like the tent that a shepherd pulls up and moves. You cut me off like thread from a weaver’s loom; you make a wreck of me day and night. Isaiah 38:12 Because Abraham had faith, he lived as a stranger in the promised land. Cave home roles He lived there in a tent, and so did Isaac and Jacob, who were later given the same promise. Abraham did this, because he was waiting for the eternal city that God had planned and built. Hebrews 11:9-10 God’s future home I heard a loud voice shout from the throne: God’s home is now with his people. He will live with them, and they will be his own. Yes, God will make his home among his people. Revelation 21:3

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