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Xerxes kingdom Roles included India

Xerxes kingdom roles  King Xerxes of Persia lived in his capital city of Susa and ruled one hundred twenty-seven provinces from India to Ethiopia. During the third year of his rule, Xerxes gave a big dinner for all his officials and officers. 

The governors and leaders of the provinces were also invited, and even the commanders of the Persian and Median armies came.  For one hundred eighty days he showed off his wealth and spent a lot of money to impress his guests with the greatness of his kingdom. 

King Xerxes soon gave another dinner and invited everyone in the city of Susa, no matter who they were. The eating and drinking lasted seven days in the beautiful palace gardens.  Xerxes kingdom roles

The area was decorated with blue and white cotton curtains tied back with purple linen cords that ran through silver rings fastened to marble columns. Couches of gold and silver rested on pavement that had all kinds of designs made from costly bright-colored stones and marble and mother-of-pearl. Esther 1:1-6

On the twenty-third day of Sivan, the third month, the king’s secretaries wrote the law. They obeyed Mordecai and wrote to the Jews, the rulers, the governors, and the officials of all one hundred twenty-seven provinces from India to Ethiopia. The letters were written in every language used in the kingdom, including the Jewish language. Esther 8:9

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