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Visitor Roles Public Relations Approach

Visitor roles public Just then, Jonathan son of Abiathar came running up. “Come in,” Adonijah said. “An important man like you must have some good news.” 1 Kings 1:42 Visiting one terminally ill Elisha the Prophet Dies Some time before the death of King Jehoash, Elisha the prophet was very sick and about to die. Jehoash went in and stood beside him, crying. Visitor roles public He said, “Master, what will Israel’s chariots and cavalry be able to do without you?” 2 Kings 13:14 Intended encouragement Eliphaz from Teman, Bildad from Shuah, and Zophar from Naamah were three of Job’s friends, and they heard about his troubles. So they agreed to visit Job and comfort him. 

When they came near enough to see Job, they could hardly recognize him. And in their great sorrow, they tore their clothes, then sprinkled dust on their heads and cried bitterly.  For seven days and nights, they sat silently on the ground beside him, because they realized what terrible pain he was in. Job 2:11-13

Gift for departing visitor Today I am taking the chains off your wrists and setting you free! If you want to, you can come with me to Babylonia, and I will see that you are taken care of. Or if you decide to stay here, you can go wherever you wish. Visitor roles public King Nebuchadnezzar has chosen Gedaliah to rule Judah. You can live near Gedaliah, and he will provide for you, or you can live anywhere else you want. Nebuzaradan gave me a supply of food, then let me leave. Jeremiah 40:4-5

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