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Romantic Music Roles Garden Song 

Romantic music roles I was asleep, but dreaming: The one I love was at the door, knocking and saying, “My darling, my very own, my flawless dove, open the door for me! My head is drenched with evening dew. 

”But I had already undressed and bathed my feet. Should I dress again and get my feet dirty? Then my darling’s hand reached to open the latch, and my heart stood still. When I rose to open the door, my hands and my fingers dripped with perfume. 

My heart stood still while he spoke to me, but when I opened the door, my darling had disappeared. I searched and shouted, but I could not find him—there was no answer. Romantic music roles in a beautiful garden setting.

Then I was found by the guards patrolling the town and guarding the wall. They beat me up and stripped off my robe. Young women of Jerusalem, if you find the one I love, please say to him, “She is weak with desire.” Song of Solomon 5:2-8

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