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Roles Undisputed
 Ruler, The

Roles undisputed King Solomon, the son of David, was now in complete control of his kingdom, because the Lord God had blessed him and made him a powerful king. 

At that time, the sacred tent that Moses the servant of the Lord had made in the desert was still kept at Gibeon, and in front of the tent was the bronze altar that Bezalel had made. Roles undisputed.

One day, Solomon told the people of Israel, the army commanders, the officials, and the family leaders, to go with him to the place of worship at Gibeon, even though his father King David had already moved the sacred chest from Kiriath-Jearim to the tent that he had set up for it in Jerusalem. 

Solomon and the others went to Gibeon to worship the Lord, and there at the bronze altar, Solomon offered a thousand animals as sacrifices to please the Lord. 2 Chronicles 1:1-6

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