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Roles Exemplary In Stewardship By Leaders

Roles exemplary David told the crowd:God chose my son Solomon to build the temple, but Solomon is young and has no experience. This is not just any building—this is the temple for the Lord God! 

 That’s why I have done my best to get everything Solomon will need to build it—gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood, onyx, turquoise, colored gems, all kinds of precious stones, and marble. 

 Besides doing all that, I have promised to give part of my own gold and silver as a way of showing my love for God’s temple. Roles exemplary.

Almost one hundred twenty tons of my finest gold and over two hundred fifty tons of my silver will be used to decorate its walls 5 and to make the gold and silver objects. Now, who else will show their dedication to the Lord by giving gifts for building his temple?

After David finished speaking, the family leaders, the tribal leaders, the army commanders, and the government officials voluntarily gave gifts for the temple. These gift. included almost two hundred tons of gold, three hundred eighty tons of silver, almost seven hundred tons of bronze, and three thousand seven hundred fifty tons of iron.

 Everyone who owned precious stones also donated them to the temple treasury, where Jehiel from the Levite clan of Gershon guarded them. David and the people were very happy that so much had been given to the Lord, and they all celebrated.1 Chronicles 29:1-9

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  All Scriptures are from the Contemporary English Version 

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