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Report roles While Israel was camped in the desert near Mount Sinai, Jethro sent Moses this message: “I am coming to visit you, and I am bringing your wife and two sons.” When they arrived, Moses went out and bowed down in front of Jethro, then kissed him. 

After they had greeted each other, they went into the tent,  where Moses told him everything the Lord had done to protect Israel against the Egyptians and their king. He also told him how the Lord had helped them in all of their troubles.

Jethro was so pleased to hear this good news about what the Lord had done,  that he shouted, “Praise the Lord! He rescued you and the Israelites from the Egyptians and their king. Report roles.

Now I know that the Lord is the greatest God, because he has rescued Israel from their arrogant enemies.” 12 Jethro offered sacrifices to God. Then Aaron and Israel’s leaders came to eat with Jethro there at the place of worship Exodus 18:5-12

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