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Professional Opposition
To Building Temple, The

Professional opposition roles Then the neighboring people began to do everything possible to frighten the Jews and to make them stop building 

During the time that Cyrus was king and even until Darius became king, they kept bribing government officials to slow down the work. Ezra 4:4-5 

The Lord All-Powerful said, Women skilled in wailing, “Send for the women who are paid to weep at funerals, especially the women who can cry the loudest.

”The people answered, “Let them come quickly and cry for us, until our own eyes are flooded with tears. Now those of us on Zion cry, '‘We are ruined! We can’t stand the shame. Professional opposition roles.

Our homes have been destroyed, and we must leave our land." We ask you women to pay attention to what the Lord says. We will teach you a funeral song that you can teach your daughters and friends: Jeremiah 9:17-20 

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