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Jerusalem Tourism Roles 

Jerusalem tourism roles I tell you that people will come here from cities everywhere. Those of one town will go to another and say, “We’re going to ask the Lord All-Powerful to treat us with kindness. Come and join us.”

Many people from strong nations will come to Jerusalem to worship me and to ask me to treat them with kindness. When this happens, ten people from nations with different languages will grab a Jew by his clothes and say, “Let us go with you. We’ve heard that God is on your side.” I, the Lord All-Powerful, have spoken! Zechariah 8:20-23 Jerusalem tourism roles.

Jesus refused tourism After Jesus left the temple, his disciples came over and said, “Look at all these buildings!” Jesus replied, “Do you see these buildings? They will certainly be torn down! Not one stone will be left in place.” Matthew 24:1-2 

Traveling with light baggage He told them, “You may take along a walking stick. But don’t carry food or a traveling bag or any money. Mark 6:8

Tourist roles unpleasant

Zion touring roles

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