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Faces Roles As
 King Solomon's Admonitions 
The  people, He

Faces roles When Solomon finished his prayer at the altar, he was kneeling with his arms lifted toward heaven. 

He stood up, turned toward the people, blessed them, and said loudly: Praise the Lord! He has kept his promise and given us peace. Every good thing he promised to his servant Moses has happened.  Faces roles

 The Lord our God was with our ancestors to help them, and I pray that he will be with us and never abandon us.  May the Lord help us obey him and follow all the laws and teachings he gave our ancestors.

  I pray that the Lord our God will remember my prayer day and night. May he help everyone in Israel each day, in whatever way we need it. Then every nation will know that the Lord is the only true God. 

 Obey the Lord our God and follow his commands with all your heart, just as you are doing today. 1 Kings 8:55-61

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