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Knows Roles In Organization For   Building Temple, Solomon   

Knows roles In Organization The Lord kept his promise and made Solomon wise. Hiram and Solomon signed a treaty and never went to war against each other.

 Solomon ordered thirty thousand people from all over Israel to cut logs for the temple,  and he put Adoniram in charge of these workers. Solomon divided them into three groups of ten thousand. Each group worked one month in Lebanon and had two months off at home. Knows roles.

  He also had eighty thousand workers to cut stone in the hill country of Israel, seventy thousand workers to carry the stones,  and over three thousand assistants to keep track of the work and to supervise the workers.

 He ordered the workers to cut and shape large blocks of good stone for the foundation of the temple. Solomon¬ís and Hiram¬ís men worked with men from the city of Gebal, and together they got the stones and logs ready for the temple. 1 Kings 5:12-18

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  All Scriptures are from the Contemporary English Version 

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