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Death Penalty 
For Treason, The 

Death penalty roles As soon as Queen Athaliah heard the crowd cheering for Joash, she went to the temple. There she saw Joash standing by one of the columns near the entrance, which was the usual place for the king. 

The commanders and the trumpet players were standing next to him, and the musicians were playing instruments and leading the people as they celebrated and blew trumpets. Death penalty roles.

Athaliah tore her clothes in anger and shouted, “You betrayed me, you traitors!”  Right away, Jehoiada said to the army commanders, “Don’t kill her near the Lord’s temple. 

Take her out in front of the troops, and be sure to kill all of her followers!”  She tried to escape, but the commanders caught and killed her near the gate where horses are led into the palace. 2 Chronicles 23:12-15

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