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Capital Punishment 
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 Premeditated Murder, The

Capital punishment roles For Premeditated Murder If you plan in advance to murder someone, there’s no escape, not even by holding on to my altar. You will be dragged off and killed. Exodus 21:14 

Death to kidnappers Death is the punishment for kidnapping. If you sell the person you kidnapped, or if you are caught with that person, the penalty is death. Exodus 21:16 Death to idolaters Death is the punishment for offering sacrifices to any god except me. Exodus 22:20 Capital punishment roles.

Divine execution Nadab and Abihu were two of Aaron’s sons, but they disobeyed the Lord by burning incense to him on a fire pan, when they were not supposed to. Suddenly the Lord sent fiery flames and burned them to death. Leviticus 10:1-2

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