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 Young King Roles 
Of Judah, Being In A

Young king roles Jehoahaz was twenty-three years old when he became king of Judah, and he ruled from Jerusalem only three months. 

His mother Hamutal was the daughter of Jeremiah from Libnah.  Jehoahaz disobeyed the Lord, just as some of his ancestors had done. Young king roles.

King Neco of Egypt had Jehoahaz arrested and put in prison at Riblah near Hamath. Then he forced the people of Judah to pay him almost four tons of silver and about seventy-five pounds of gold as taxes.

 Neco appointed Josiah¬ís son Eliakim king of Judah, and changed his name to Jehoiakim. 

He took Jehoahaz as a prisoner to Egypt, where he died. Jehoiakim forced the people of Judah to pay higher taxes, so he could give Neco the silver and gold he demanded. 2 Kings 23:31-35

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  All Scriptures are from the Contemporary English Version 

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