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 Wayward People, The 

Roles value You were a healthy vine covered with grapes. But the more grapes you grew, the more altars you built; the better off you became, the better shrines you set up for pagan gods.

You are deceitful and disloyal. So you will pay for your sins, because the Lord will destroy your altars and images. “We don’t have a king, ”you will say. “We don’t fear the Lord. And what good are kings?” Israel, you break treaties and don’t keep promises; you turn justice into poisonous weeds where healthy plants should grow. Roles value .

All who live in Samaria tremble with concern for the idols at sinful Bethel. The idol there was the pride of the priests, but it has been put to shame; now everyone will cry. It will be taken to Assyria and given to the great king. Then Israel will be disgraced for worshiping that idol. Like a twig in a stream, the king of Samaria will be swept away. 

The altars at sinful Bethel will be destroyed for causing Israel to sin; they will be grown over with thorns and thistles. Then everyone will beg the mountains and hills to cover and protect them. Hosea 10:1-8 

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  All Scriptures are from the Contemporary English Version 

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