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Roles Shepherds After God's Own Heart, The 

Roles shepherds "Then I¬íll appoint wise rulers who will obey me, and they will care for you like shepherds. 

You will increase in numbers, and there will be no need to remember the sacred chestor to make a new one. The whole city of Jerusalem will be my throne. All nations will come hereto worship me, and they will no longer follow their stubborn, evil hearts. Roles shepherds.

Then, in countries to the north, you people of Judah and Israel will be reunited, and you will return to the land I gave your ancestors.

I have always wanted to treat you as my children and give you the best land, the most beautiful on earth. I wanted you to call me " Father "and not turn from me. But instead, you are like a wife who broke her wedding vows. You have been unfaithful to me I, the Lord have spoken. Jeremiah 3:15-20

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  All Scriptures are from the Contemporary English Version 


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