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Of Sovereign God, How 

Roles recognition Finally, I prayed to God in heaven, and my mind was healed. Then I said:" I praise and honor God Most High. He lives forever, and his kingdom will never end. 

To hit the nations are far less than nothing; God controls the stars in the sky and everyone on this earth. When God does something, we cannot change it or even ask why." Roles recognition.

At that time my mind was healed, and once again I became the ruler of my glorious kingdom. My advisors and officials returned to me, and I had greater power than ever before. 

 ThatÂ’s why I say: " Praise and honor the King who rules from heaven! Everything he does is honest and fair, and he can shatter the power of those who are proud." Daniel 4:34-37

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  All Scriptures are from the Contemporary English Version 

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