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Roles not any perks I was governor of Judah from the twentieth year that Artaxerxes was king until the thirty-second year. And during these entire twelve years, my relatives and I refused to accept the food that I was allowed. 

 Each governor before me had been a burden to the people by making them pay for his food and wine and by demanding forty silver coins a day. Even their officials had been a burden to the people. But I respected God, and I didn¬ít think it was right to be so hard on them. Roles not.

 I spent all my time getting the wall rebuilt and did not buy any property. Everyone working for me did the same thing.  I usually fed a hundred fifty of our own Jewish people and their leaders, as well as foreign visitors from surrounding lands. 

Each day one ox, six of the best sheep, and lots of chickens were prepared. Then every ten days, a large supply of wine was brought in. I knew what a heavy burden this would have been for the people, and so I did not ask for my food allowance as governor. I pray that God will bless me for everything I have done for my people. Nehemiah 5:14-19

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