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Roles Meeting
 With Leaders, When 

Roles meeting  Fourteen years later I went to Jerusalem with Barnabas. I also took along Titus. But I went there because God had told me to go, and I explained the good news that I had been preaching to the Gentiles. 

Then I met privately with the ones who seemed to be the most important leaders. I wanted to make sure that my work in the past and my future work would not be for nothing .Titus went to Jerusalem with me. Roles meeting.

He was a Greek, but still he wasn’t forced to be circumcised. We went there because of those who pretended to be followers and had sneaked in among us as spies. 

They had come to take away the freedom t hat Christ Jesus had given us, and they were trying to make us their slaves. But we wanted you to have the true message. That’s why we didn’t give in to them, not even for a second. Galatians 2:2-5

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