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Roles Legalists Christ has set us free! This means we are really free. Now hold on to your freedom and don’t ever become slaves of the Law again. Roles legalists 

I, Paul, promise you that Christ won’t do you any good if you get circumcised. If you do, you must obey the whole Law. And if you try to please God by obeying the Law, you have cut yourself off from Christ and his wonderful kindness. 

But the Spirit makes us sure that God will accept us because of our faith in Christ. If you are a follower of Christ Jesus, it makes no difference whether you are circumcised or not.

All that matters is your faith that makes you love others. You were doing so well until someone made you turn from the truth. And that person was certainly not sent by the one who chose you. Galatians 5:3-8

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  All Scriptures are from the Contemporary English Version 

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