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Roles Forsaken By 
 King And Priest, When Your

Roles forsaken The Lord was angry! So he disgraced Zion though it was Israel’s pride and his own place of rest. In his anger he threw Zion down from heaven to earth. 

The Lord had no mercy! He destroyed the homes of Jacob’s descendants. In his anger he tore down every walled city in Judah; he toppled the nation together with its leaders, leaving them in shame. Roles forsaken.

The Lord was so furiously angry that he wiped out the whole army of Israel by not supporting them when the enemy attacked. He was like a raging fire that swallowed up the descendants of Jacob.

 He attacked like an enemy with a bow and arrows, killing our loved ones. He has burned to the ground the homes on Mount Zion The Lord was like an enemy He left Israel in ruins with its palaces and fortresses destroyed, and with everyone in Judah moaning and weeping. 

He shattered his temple like a hut in a garden; he completely wiped out his meeting place, and did away with festivals and Sabbaths in the city of Zion. In his fierce anger he rejected our king and priests. Lamentations 2:1-6

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  All Scriptures are from the Contemporary English Version 


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