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Roles Farmer
To Manage Wild Ox, The

Roles farmer When do mountain goats and deer give birth? Have you been there when their young are born?

How long are they pregnant before they deliver? Soon their young grow strong and then leave to be on their own. Who set wild donkeys free? I alone help them survive in salty desert sand. They stay far from crowded cities and refuse to be tamed. Roles farmer.

 Instead, they roam the hills, searching for pastureland. Would a wild ox agree to live in your barn and labor for you  Could you force him to plow or to drag a heavy log to smooth out the soil?

 Can you depend on him to use his great strength and do your heavy work ? Can you trust him to harvest your grain or take it to your barn from the threshing place? Job 39:1-12

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  All Scriptures are from the Contemporary English Version 

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