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Roles Brought
And Queen To Judgment, What

Roles brought this The Lord told me to tell you that your king and his mother must surrender their thrones and remove their crowns. The cities in the Southern Desert are surrounded; no one can get in or out. Roles brought

 Everyone in Judah will be taken away. Jerusalem, you were so proud of ruling the people of Judah. But where are they now Look north, and you will see your enemies approaching. 

You once trusted them to help, but now I’ll let them rule you. What do you say about that? You will be in pain like a woman giving birth. Do you know why your clothes were torn off and you were abused? It was because of your terrible sins. 

Can you ever change and do what’s right? Can people change the color of their skin, or can a leopard remove its spots? If so, then maybe you can change   and learn to do right. Jeremiah 13:18-23

Roles Who

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  All Scriptures are from the Contemporary English Version 


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