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Roles Against Lord
 and People Turn, Unto

Roles against Lord Search Jerusalem for honest people who try to be faithful. If you can find even one, I’ll forgive the whole city. Everyone breaks promises made in my name. 

"I answered, "I know that you look for truth. You punished your people for their lies, but in spite of the pain, they became more stubborn and refused to turn back to you. Roles against  Lord.

"Then I thought to myself, "These common people act like fools, and they have never learned what the Lord their God demands of them. I’ll go and talk to the leaders. 

They know what God demands. "But even they had decided not to obey the Lord. The people have rebelled and rejected the Lord too many times. So enemies will attack like lions from the forest or wolves from the desert. 

Those enemies will watch the towns of Judah, and like leopard they will tear to pieces whoever goes outside. Jeremiah 5:1-6

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  All Scriptures are from the Contemporary English Version 


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