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King Roles And Teacher,
Who Knows

King roles I said these things when I lived in Jerusalem as king of Israel. With all my wisdom I tried to understand everything that happens here on earth. And God has made this so hard for us humans to do. King roles.

I have seen it all, and everything is just as senseless as chasing the wind. If something is crooked, it can’t be made straight; if something isn’t there, it can’t be counted.

I said to myself, "You are by far the wisest person who has ever lived in Jerusalem. You are eager to learn, and you have learned a lot.

" Then I decided to find out all I could about wisdom and foolishness. Soon I realized that this too was as senseless as chasing the wind. The more you know, the more you hurt; the more you understand, the more you suffer. Ecclesiastes 1:12-18

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