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  His Roles In Curing David
 Shimei In  

 His roles in curing David was near the town of Bahurim when a man came out and started cursing him. The man was Shimei the son of Gera, and he was one of Saul’s distant relatives. 6 He threw stones at David, at his soldiers, and at everyone else, including the bodyguards who walked on each side of David. His roles

Shimei was yelling at David, "Get out of here, you murderer! You good-for-nothing,  the Lord is paying you back for killing so many in Saul’s family. You stole his kingdom, but now the Lord has given it to your son Absalom. You’re a murderer, and that’s why you’re in such big trouble!" Abishai said, "Your Majesty, this man is as useless as a dead dog! He shouldn’t be allowed to curse you. Let me go over and chop off his head." His roles.

  David replied, "What will I ever do with you and your brother Joab? If Shimei is cursing me because the Lord has told him to, then who are you to tell him to stop?"Then David said to Abishai and all his soldiers:My own son is trying to kill me! Why shouldn’t this man from the tribe of Benjamin want me dead even more? Let him curse all he wants. Maybe the Lord did tell him to curse me.  But if the Lord hears these curses and sees the trouble I’m in, maybe he will have pity on me instead. 

 David and the others went on down the road. Shimei went along the hillside by the road, cursing and throwing rocks and dirt at them. When David and those with him came to the Jordan River, they were tired out. But after they rested, they felt much better. 2 Samuel 16:5-14

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  All Scriptures are from the Contemporary English Version 

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