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Criticism Roles Rule To Follow 

Criticism roles rule When Criticizing But I can’t go against God! He did not curs or condemn Israel. Numbers 23:8 Father’s criticism refused Eli was now very old, and he heard what his sons were doing to the people of Israel. “Why are you doing these awful things?” he asked them. “I’ve been hearing nothing but complaints about you from all of the Lord’s people. Criticism roles rule If you harm another person, God can help make things right between the two of you. But if you commit a crime against the Lord, no one can help you!” But the Lord had already decided to kill them. 

So he kept them from listening to their father. 1 Samuel 2:22-25 Open to criticism What have I done wrong? Show me, and I will keep quiet. Criticism roles rule The truth is always painful, but your arguments prove nothing. Job 6:24-25 You hurt only yourself by rejecting instruction, but it makes good sense to accept it. Proverbs 15:32 Ashamed critic Your words have silenced others and made them ashamed; now it is only right for you to be put to shame. Job 11:3 

Response to criticism Job said: I have often heard this, and it offers no comfort. So why don’t you keep quiet? What’s bothering you? If I were in your place, it would be easy to criticize or to give advice. But I would offer hope and comfort instead. Job 16:1-5 Job accused of not speaking sensibly How long will you talk? Be sensible! Let us speak. Job 18:2 Verbal persecution How long will you torture me with your words? Job 19:2 Admitting personal error Even if I have sinned, you haven’t been harmed. Job 19:4

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